Training course in Process management for the design of an Integrated Management System in SMEs manufacturers of furniture and other habitat products.

Are you planning to implement an Integrated Management System (IMS) within your company to support company competitiveness and strategies? Do you need more information about tools and instruments to design and implement an efficient and effective management system? Would you like to reduce the human and financial efforts needed for its design and implementation?

Integrated Management Systems can support companies’ competitiveness and strategies implementation along their whole value chain. Within the EU, SMEs represent the 99% of the companies and they clearly have limited human and financial resources to properly plan, design, implement and maintain such systems that could help them being more competitive. At the moment, in spite of existing many courses related to the different norms contents and their updates, there is a clear lack of training courses, materials and tools helping SMEs to acquire skills & knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently design and implement an IMS based on process management. All the needed phases require concrete and specific knowledge and skills and a good understanding of the company framework in which the system need to be implemented.

To properly acquire the proper knowledge and skills you can engage to the EASIMS training that will be provided for free starting from November 2020 through a specific online e-learning platform, which will allow you to plan your learning journey at your best convenience. The course will be developed based on the following 6 modules:

  1. Process Management
  2. Plan
  3. Provide resources
  4. Produce
  5. Check
  6. Improve

You can find the detailed curriculum of the course at the following: link

The EASIMS project ( training course will include a set of coursebooks and a software tool with information and examples (processes, procedures, forms and indicators) to successfully design and implement an Integrated Management System (IMS) in furniture manufacturing SMEs and other home furnishings products.

If you are interested in this course, you can enrol for free through the following e-learning platform